Wednesday, October 26, 2011

1st and 2cd pass props - Renee Bates

Props 1st Pass - Will Day

Alicia Cicon Props, 1st/2nd pass

Prop Designs 1st and 2nd Pass - Jeff Call


 2nd Pass

(Sonic Prisoner Acquisition Manipulator)

 2nd Pass

Props 2nd Pass - Andrea Roberts

Geppetto's Airship

Geppetto's Staff

Props 1st Pass - Andrea Roberts

Alyssa Daw- Props 1st Kind of Pass


Props 2nd Pass - Ashleigh Gillen

Props 1st Pass - Ashleigh Gillen

Props Second Pass - Scott Gwynn

Props First Pass - Scott Gwynn

Props First Pass - Amanda Ho

props 1st, 2nd pass - Jonny VanOrman