Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Assignment List - Renee Bates

Genre: Historical drama? Don't know exactly which genre my take on Pinnochio would be classified under but the setting will take place in New York during the 1920's Prohibition Era (thinking mafia related roaring twenties, bootleggin, and all that jazz...)

Character 1) Pinnochio (Itallian immigrant orphan)
Character 2) Fairy (Flapper girl from Strombolli's Jazz Club)
Character 3) Monstro (Loan shark)

Set 1) Gepetto's Taylor Shop
Set 2) Strombolli's Jazz Club
Set 3) Ghetto streets of New York

Prop 1) Monstro's ride (slick 1920's designer car)
Prop 2) Monstro's goons' artillery (tommy gun)

Story Moment 1) Pinnochio locked up in Strombolli's Jazz Club
Story Moment 2) Pinnochio's escape from Monstro (perhaps a car chase)

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